Acne Relief Facial Oils
Acne Relief Facial Oils
Acne Relief Facial Oils

Acne Relief Facial Oils

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Scared of putting oils on your face? Don’t be.
There are many benefits why you should add facial oils into your skincare routine. If you’ve seen my recent skincare tip one of the reasons why our skin is sensitive or overworked is due to over cleansing our face. To help moisturize and balance sebum (Natural oils) we have formulated oils that are light, absorptive, and help fight bacteria underneath the skin.
Some highlight Ingredients are:
Rosehip Oil
JoJoba oil
This facial blend is lightly scented with natural pure essential oils of lavender, frankincense, tea tree, and lemon.
Great for ALL skin type.
Apply one drop on both sides of your cheeks after wash while your face is still wet. Massage oils all over until you feel it’s evenly spread out. (You can add a drop to your night cream and massage them together on your face.)
For best results apply oils in the evening or right after your shower.