What is so great about Activated Charcoal?

Are you seeing more products with activated charcoal? Ever wonder, what's so great about it?

Believe it or not charcoal has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years. Chemists during the 18th century discovered it's ability to protect against toxins. Going further back Hindus & Egyptian would use charcoal to filter water and or clean wounds. 

So, what does charcoal have to do with soap? When activated charcoal are added into soap multiple benefits happen. Here are some of the popular highlights

  • Acne treatment
  • Deep clean your skin
  • Psoriasis treatment
  • Reduce oily skin
  • Reduce pore size
  • Gentle exfoliator
  • Helps firm & tighten skin

Charcoal soap absorbs excessive oils, dirt, dead skin cells, & toxin that are deep in our pores which makes it a great cleanser. When you have a natural ingredient that helps pull out impurities that causes acne, clogged pores, blemishes, and or psoriasis you're then left with clean, firm and tight skin.

If you have a favorite cream or serum, charcoal soap will enhance your skincare product. Why? because everything starts with a clean face. 


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